Why RSS Email Marketing Makes Work Easier

Multitasking isn’t a real human phenomenon.

We just switch back and forth really fast, and our brain tires quickly. It can take 15 minutes to reset! So it’s crucial that we get the most out of each task.

That’s why RSS feed email marketing campaigns can be so valuable: they automatically pull new content from your website and distributes it to your email list serves.

RSS feeds automate content distribution.

For example, our client Rebekah [name changed] is a marketing manager in charge of posting her boss’ blog and her department heads’ blogs–every week. The blogs are created by a ghostwriter, then sent to her as MS Word documents.

Then Rebekah goes to the admin dashboard of their company site, where Classic City created a custom post type, 2 authors, and tag categories.  These help route each post from their website to the appropriate email campaign.  Each email campaign is built is Mail Chimp, integrated to WordPress, and set to send at 6 AM twice a week.

To enhance readability, the emails display different text excerpts + images than the blog post on the website, with no additional editing needed.  Two birds, one stone.

From Four Steps to One Thanks to API

At Classic City, we love multi-purposing content so Rebekah doesn’t have to do the same thing four times in two different places!–copy blog into WordPress, copy blog into Mail Chimp, twice over. Nobody has time for that. A handy API integration and configuration lets your platforms do the work for you.

My family jokes that everything in my house décor is “multi-purpose”–down to the crates I bought in 8th grade and still use for book shelves, packing, moving, carrying, and more.  I’ve been committed to getting the most out of every object and process since I was in middle school.  I constantly push our development team to find more efficiencies, more “evergreen.”

If your company would like double the exposure for no additional time spent, consider setting up an RSS feed email marketing campaign for your weekly blog.  You’ll get more than twice the use out of content you’re already producing–saving more time and energy for other priorities!

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Dawn Audano

Dawn Audano connects the dots, a committed minimalist who strips projects down to their most essential—and therefore, efficient—elements. She makes space for creatives to engage meaningfully with the task at hand, cutting to the heart of the matter. With experience in radio, film, event planning, and motherhood, she expertly juggles the details and enjoys handling the tiny pieces that can make or break the flow of ideas.