Make your website as fun as you are

New Website for the Bananas

Your social media presence is fire 🔥 Your Fans First mission should be brought to life and match the experience fans get when they visit you at Grayson and across the world

My name is Chris LaFay – that’s me in the “It’s Not OK” Baseballism shirt. I bought tickets to the game at Rickwood as soon as they came on sale. My wife and I are both huge baseball fans, we’ve never been able to see the Bananas play yet, and my wife is a huge history buff. A Bananas game at Rickwood checks all of those boxes. My wife ended up getting sick the day before, so I brought a buddy of mine with me instead and we made some amazing memories there.

I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life. What you all are doing to bring friends and families together with baseball as the foundation is magical, and I thank you for that.

As much as I loved attending the game, and as a web designer, the experience on the site was not nearly as engaging as the game itself. I called one of my designers last week and asked him if he wanted to throw out all the rules, have a little fun, and design an amazing site that better expresses the Fans First brand. He accepted the challenge and I’ve attached the design below.