How to Turn Your Website into Your Best Sales Tool

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April 20, 2023 at 11a ET

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How to Turn Your Website into Your Best Sales Tool

Join Chris LaFay, CEO of Classic City, and Josh Sweeney, Co-founder of FounderScale, for an exclusive and engaging webinar, where you’ll learn how to harness the power of your online presence and drive success through your website.

What Will the Webinar Focus on?


Josh Sweeney: a seasoned entrepreneur, who’s relentless drive has given him the platform to build big ideas, and even bigger companies.  One of his successes, Atcore Systems, was acquired in 2016 by a leading partner in the CRM industry. When he’s not driving his business or mingling with business leaders, you can find him in the recording booth, where he has recorded over 100 pieces of educational content about B2B sales and marketing.

Chris LaFay: the CEO of Classic City Consulting and Atlanta-based web design and development agency. His goal in life is to conduct connection and bring heart to every interaction in life. He puts humans above to-dos. He consistently brings the band back together, leveraging long-term relationships across a swathe of experience to empower career transitions, life event pivots, and, ultimately, an incredibly versatile, flexible, and creative team for his clients.