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Specialized Expertise

Tailored Solutions for University Marketing

  • Understanding Unique Department Dynamics
    Navigating through the intricate interplay of university departments is a daunting task, especially when each has its distinct communication barriers.
  • Addressing Diverse Departmental Needs
    Marketing for universities in complex–every segment, from alumni to admissions, has its distinct requirements. Catering to them effectively from an external standpoint can seem near impossible.
  • Adapting to High-Priority Shifts
    Last-minute projects from authoritative figures like the President can throw a wrench in well-laid plans. How does one remain responsive and efficient?

Are you ready for a partner who can navigate the intricate divides of marketing for universities?

Empowering Your Institution’s Marketing Vision   

Deep University Insight

With experience rooted in education, we decode university dynamics, ensuring strategies that resonate with your institution’s distinct character and objectives.

Agile & Adaptive Approach

Facing unexpected shifts or last-minute projects? Our agility ensures your marketing remains uninterrupted, effective, and aligned with core goals.

One Unified Strategy

We bridge departmental divides, facilitating seamless communication and crafting strategies that address the unique needs of each segment, all under one cohesive plan.

Evangel University

Learn how we’ve partnered with Evangel to transform their web presence into an effective expression of their university and empower them to increase the impact of their marketing as a whole.

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Ready to elevate your school’s digital presence?

Packages and Pricing

Basic: $3500/mo

Build a solid foundation for your marketing focused on growing admissions.
  • Web Content Updates
  • Landing Page Design & Development
  • Admissions Email Strategy
  • Paid Ads Management
  • Keyword Research

Growth: $7500/mo

Elevate your online presence related to alumni and donors. (Includes everything in the Basic package)
  • Collaboration with Advancement Department
  • Alumni-Focused Section
  • Alumni Email Strategy
  • LinkedIn Management
  • Story Collection & Sharing

Large: $10,000+/mo

Refresh your website, messaging, and marketing with comprehensive enhancements.
  • Messaging Framework Development
  • Website Redesign
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • Items as desired from Basic and Growth plans

How it Works

Step #1Discovery

We engage with your academic community, understanding the nuances and distinct goals of your institution.

Step #2Strategy

Develop campaigns that resonate with students, faculty, and alumni, leveraging the latest in education-focused marketing techniques.

Step #3Execution

Launch tailored strategies and assess performance, ensuring outreach aligns with your university’s vision and growth.

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