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Website Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that collects and analyzes website data. Like any tool, it can be used in many ways but is best when wielded by a true craftsman. Our team has the skills needed to make the best use of your data.


Heatmaps tracks how people are using your website, mapping each click to gain a better understanding of your audience’s behavior and identify how your site can have an improved user experience.

Page Speed

Knowing how fast every part of your website reacts can help identify problems users may be facing. Any slowdown can quickly turn your audience’s attention span from the message you are delivering to the shortcomings of the site.

The best tool for the job

Google Analytics

GA is a data collection service that synchronizes website information that can be utilized to make improvements to websites, marketing, and sales. We can optimize GA to make sure the data most important to your site is being collected.

Get the data on how people use your site

There are two main types of data that Google Analytics collects; User Acquisition and User Behavior. User acquisition is the data involving how users find your site. User behavior is all the information on how they use your sight. We will take this data and see how your site can be best improved.

Data analytics for everyone

You can, but it can be difficult if you are not familiar with the web development side of things. We can make sure Google Analytics syncs up with WordPress and get Google Analytics up and running on your site so we can begin collecting data to better serve you and your users.

catch the data while it’s hot


This tool will show you how your site is being used. It maps which links are being used and which are not. Even a mouse hovering over a specific place can offer valuable insight on how your site is being used and therefore improved.

Why Classic city starts with google analytics

We use the site traffic data we study in Google Analytics to decide which pages need heat maps. Most heat map services require selecting certain pages to be monitored so we will find where heat maps will be most useful

more data the better

We will want to see the behavior of as many visitors as possible to get the most valuable data on how your site is used. This takes a bit of time, but the larger the sample will show how we can make the biggest impact in the future.

Maintain Velocity

Page Speed

Monitoring your page speed can provide you with valuable insight to make improvements. Google even uses page speed data for SEO rankings. Make sure your site has the speed to stay ahead.

Hold their attention with a quck website

The first time a user visits your site, you want to capture their attention. If they get held up waiting for the page to load you will have more bounceback. So even if you have lots of visits they won’t generate leads. We can see where you are being bogged down and provide solutions on how to get you up to speed.

check your Webpage vitals

Page speed metrics are broken down into three core web vitals. How fast the page loads; How quickly users can interact; and how stable the is page layout. We will take a deep dive into all of these and provide solutions to get your site moving.