Dawn Audano

Dawn Audano connects the dots, a committed minimalist who strips projects down to their most essential—and therefore, efficient—elements. She makes space for creatives to engage meaningfully with the task at hand, cutting to the heart of the matter. With experience in radio, film, event planning, and motherhood, she expertly juggles the details and enjoys handling the tiny pieces that can make or break the flow of ideas.

Classic City teaching working together on computers.

Ep 5 Reviewing Your Site

Daniel: Welcome back to Web6. This season we are talking about how to navigate the website and project process. I’m Daniel Cowen. Chris: And I’m Chris Lafay. Daniel: And today we’re talking about the QA process and then we’re going to be discussing the question, how can I make sure my website really works? Website […]

Chris LaFay discussing project with team

Ep 4 Project Communication

Daniel: Welcome back to Web6. This season we’re talking about how to navigate the website project process. I’m Daniel Cowen. Chris: And I’m Chris Lafay. Daniel: And today we’re going to be talking about communication in the web project process and answering the question, how do I communicate with my project manager? Know Your Primary […]

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Getting Started with MailChimp

Email marketing has been in used for 40 years now and is one of the best ways to engage with your customers, convert sales, and promote your brand. If your current email marketing strategy consists of sending an email to everyone in your address book a mass email, we are here to help you step up […]

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Designing a Stand-Out Email

Here is your go-to guide when you are ready to design your first email in MailChimp. Why MailChimp? We love MailChimp. It’s a great application that allows for different email marketing possibilities. One of the main selling features is that it has so many design options. Reasons you want to send email Identifying the why […]

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Beginner’s Guide to the Drip Campaign

Harnessing the power of drip campaigns allows you to reach a customer at the moment they want to engage with your brand. The right time to communicate with your audience is the mystery that all marketers try to solve, but automated emails can take away some of the guessing. What is a drip campaign? Drip […]

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Why Curated Content Matters

Content is king because it makes you click. Yes, it is a marketing cliche: content is king.  Clicks measure the digital conversation between producers and consumers.  And content drives clicks.  From click-bait headlines and listicles to white papers and investigative journalism, the web is always hungry for more. More to read. More to watch. More […]

Evergreen content saves you time and generates organic word of mouth online.

How Evergreen Content Saves You Time

A common myth about content publication says you always have to publish something new. But “evergreen content” is a cornerstone for successful website presence. Evergreen content is timeless and fresh for readers, regardless of the publication date.  And the revolving doors of site visitors, search engine results, and ranking adjustments means your post could be […]

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Why RSS Email Marketing Makes Work Easier

Multitasking isn’t a real human phenomenon. We just switch back and forth really fast, and our brain tires quickly. It can take 15 minutes to reset! So it’s crucial that we get the most out of each task. That’s why RSS feed email marketing campaigns can be so valuable: they automatically pull new content from […]