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The Key to a Successful Webpage

Staring at a blank page on your website can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure where to start. You’ve selected a title for your page and maybe even a hero image, but what comes next? When it comes to designing a webpage, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics, but the key […]

What Questions Should you Ask Before Redesigning your Site?

Redesigning your website is an exciting step for your company to take. Whether your site hasn’t been updated in a few years or your brand message has altered, a new website can help breathe new life into your business’s marketing efforts. However, we do see quite a few redesigns that aren’t necessarily needed. Would you […]

Your website needs a strong foundation: the Sitemap

A sitemap is a strong foundation of a new website, or the restructuring of a current one. Without it, it’s like writing a book without a plot, characters, or title. Just as a writer wouldn’t start a new novel without an outline of how the story will unfold, don’t try to build (or revamp) your […]

6 Qualities Necessary to Create a Strong Business Partnership

Partnering with the right person or company provides more innovation, resources, skill sets and perspectives to scale your business and maximize wins. Good partnerships can help your business succeed. In fact, one of the best ways to scale your business and maximize wins is to form partnerships with the right people or companies. Partnering can […]

Why It Takes B2B Companies So Long to Launch a New Website and How to Fix That

Yes, your website and brand need to stand out from the crowd, like appearing unique in a crowd of magazine covers on the shelves of your favorite store. However, businesses often let aesthetic and design perfection get in the way of progress. I often see a full website redesign project get stuck in the design […]

Experts Only When You Need Them

When growing a business, digital marketing slowly becomes a larger priority. Sales begin as referrals, but eventually your network ends up exhausted. As a founder, you know you need to start putting yourself out there more often, but don’t know where to begin. Leading the Team When you get to this point in the growth […]

How To Build a New Team For Your Company

As an agency owner, you’ll reach a point when your clients start asking questions about services that are tangential to your primary service offerings. You now have a decision to walk through. Is this new service: Before making this decision, I highly recommend reaching out to your team of advisors and walk through it with […]

Using Web Content in Your Sales Process

Your website is a “24/7 salesperson.” Though an old cliche, the phrase’s initial meaning has morphed over time.  Businesses used to be able to get by with simply showcasing the products they offer. Now, the market is flooded with options. Having a simple brochure website doesn’t allow your business to stand out in the marketplace. […]

How do I find guest speakers for my podcast?

(This is the last part in a 6-part series on podcasts – if you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast, or know someone who has, let’s explore together!) How do I find Guests? It’s sometimes hard to think through how to find guest speakers for your podcast. We are going to address this question from […]